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After graduating in Spring 2020 from Case Western Reserve University with a BA in Cognitive Science, Theater with a specialization in Acting, and a Minor in Chemistry (and a Minor in Existential Crises), Tatjana enrolled as an MFA candidate in DePaul University’s Comedy Screenwriting Program. She learned she was not ready to become a real adult and figured Screenwriting was safe since it is just making stuff up and having fun. She is currently working with DePaul University as a Graduate Assistant Producer for their Premiere Student film festival while pursuing two development-based internships in LA with World Builder Entertainment and Crush Pictures.  With graduation in her sights, Tatjana hopes to make a home in LA and is currently looking for a job, so hit her up if you're looking to hire!

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I am currently settling into LA life as I complete the last quarter of my studies!

In taking on two development-based internships with World Builder Entertainment and Crush Pictures, I am learning as much as I can about the development side of the industry while looking for more opportunities to get involved in development and production.

On top of my internships, I am continuing my graduate assistantship with DePaul as a Premiere Student Film Festival Assistant Producer which will showcase a variety of student films on June 3rd, 2022.

I am looking forward to graduating this June!